i mean, me too.

"Are you going to destroy the whole world?"

"If they continue training, and become able to use both ‘oddball quick strike’ and ‘direct quick strike’ properly, they will no longer be ‘oni’ and ‘kanabo’ but ‘oni’ and ‘oni’."


I’ve been meaning to draw them stargazing for a while now. I’m still not totally happy with the colors but I’m tired of looking at it for today haha..



hylian fi!!! cus why not tbh.

You think I’m not a  g o d d e s s ?

NeferPitou EYEs


Hosoya Yoshimasa + Sports Animes
“When I entered training school, there was a manager who always looked after me. Before that person quit the place, the last thing that person brought to me was an audition for TeniPuri. I heared the results on a public phone outside of work. When I heard that I passed, I shouted in the lobby, “I really passed the auditions!” because I was super happy… I feel like I was able to return the favor a bit.”Hosoyan on how he started as a seiyuu (PairPuri Vol. 2)

white rose || ep. 1 + 2