Nishinoya Yuu for Annie. Happy Birthday!


Piano dress

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"Imagine me in my prime. Haha! I would have destroyed you!"

Jack Frost is a spirit and the personification of crisp, cold, winter weather, a variant of Old Man Winter.

lucatruelywaath replied to your post: this is possibly my worst schedule eve…

good luck sweetiepie ;www;

ttHANK U ; 7;

also passivefan i watched the first two ep of fsn:ubw anime and DAMN the quality is so goodddd… and i forgot shiro’s voice was sASUKE so i got weirded out

this is possibly my worst schedule ever…

every week is a shitty one

last week was 1 quiz thurs. 2 exam fri. 1 project fri.

this week is 1 exam wed. 1 exam thurs. 1 quiz fri. 2 exam fri.

next week is 1 project wed. 1 quiz thurs. 1 exam thurs. 1 quiz fri. 




I ask you. Are you my Master?